Public Auctions

The following list of properties will be offered for sale by Public Auction at 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 21st, 2017 on the steps of the Washington County Courthouse located at 100 East Main Street, Jonesborough, TN 37659.

  1. Colony Park Drive: Map 062A/Group A/Parcel 015.05                                
  2. Highland Road/Taylor Ridge Court:  Map 055A/Group A/Parcel 001.05   
  3. Highland Road/Taylor Ridge Court:  Map 055A/Group A/Parcel 001.18   
  4. Dennis Drive:  Map 046L/Group D/Parcel 008.00                                         
  5. 1115 E. Holston Ave.:  Map 046D/Group F/Parcel 001.00                          
  6. Ketron Lane:  Map 0550/Group A/Parcel 014.00                                                     
  7. East Lakeview Dr.:  Map 039H/Group E/Parcel 035.00                               
  8. 503 W. Main Street, Johnson City:  Map 0460/Group M/Parcel 031.00      
  9. 1619 Orleans Street:  Map 047G/Group H/Map 047I/Parcel 010.00                                   
  10. 618 East Pine Street:  Map 055A/Group A/Parcel 022.00                            
  11. 633 East Pine Street:  Map 055A/Group A/Parcel 024.00                            
  12. 1905 Preston Road:  Map 047J/Group D/Parcel 015.01                              
  13. 904/906 N. Roan Street:  Map 046K, Group H/Parcel 024.00                     
  14. 205 Fall Street E.:  Map 046N/Group D/Parcel 026.00                                 
  15. 203 Fall Street E.:  Map 046N/Group D/Parcel 027.00                                 
  16. 416 Wilson Ave.:  Map 046N/Group D/Parcel 021.00                                  
  17. 519 Wilson Ave.:  Map 054B/Group A/Map 054C/Parcel 029.00                                                                
  18. Bacon Branch Road:  Map 082/Parcel 049.06                                             
  19. Big Limestone Road:  Map 080H/Group A/Parcel 012.00                            
  20. 2501 Clover Street:  Map 053D/Group C/Parcel 017.00                              
  21. 106 Drew Tanner Lane:  Map 053F/D/014.00                                              
  22. 166 Ducktown Road:  Map 049/Parcel 003.00                                            
  23. Highway 107:  Map 096/Parcel 033.00                                                         
  24. Garden Drive:  Map 046N/Group B/Parcel 027.00                                       
  25. 130 Overhill Drive:  Map 042C/Group A/Parcel 004.00                               
  26. 223 Patton Ridge Drive:  Map 067J/Group D/014.00                                  
  27. Painter Creek Road:  Map 106/Parcel 134.06                                              
  28. Town & Country Drive:  Map 067H/Group A/Parcel 001.00                       
  29. 431 Highway 93:  Map 025/Parcel 008.05                                                    
  30. Jackson Bridge Road (Conklin School/Ruritan):  Map 095/Parcel 026.00
    **Note: An open house will be held on 11/16/17 from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Conklin School property so potential bidders may see the inside of the building.

Terms:  Payment in full day of sale.  Complete Terms & Conditions available day of Auction.
Payment methods accepted:  Cash or good check.
**NOTE:  Announcements made Day of Sale take precedence over all written ads.
For more information please contact the Washington County Purchasing Department at 423-753-1700.

From time to time, Washington County has surplus auctions to sell equipment and supplies no longer needed by the county. The public auction is advertised in the Johnson City Press for five consecutive days prior to the auction date, and we will also post the auction dates and times on this site. There are also continuing opportunities to bid on surplus equipment and supplies for the Highway and Sheriff's departments (see below).

Interested parties can also visit the Highway Department section of this website to see a listing, and bid on-line at GovDeals on surplus equipment currently for sale by the Washington County Highway and Sheriff's departments. Those sections of GovDeals can also be reached by clicking below:

 Highway Department