Online Services and Forms

Please click below for downloadable and/or fillable and submittable versions of the forms used by the Washington County Zoning Office.

These forms include, listed in the order they appear below:

Residential & Commercial Permits:

  1. Building Permit (Residential Only) Application
  2. Building Permit Addendum (Revised)
  3. Building Permit Brochure 2018
  4. Residential Zoning Compliance Application
  5. Zoning Compliance Brochure 
  6. Commercial Zoning Compliance Application
  7. Plat Brochure 
  8. Contacts & Map
  9. Permit Addendum
  10. No Permit Required
  11. Understanding Agricultural Land & Structures
  12. Yard Display
  13. Yard Stabilization Permanent Cover Seeding Mixtures

Property Owner Information:

  1. TN Association of Professional Surveyors
  2. Tree Owner’s Rights & Responsibilities
  3. TN Division of Forestry Fire Prevention Burn Permit Information
  4. Landlord & Tenant Act
  5. Watering Tips-WaterSense-US EPA1
  6. Watering Tips-WaterSense-US EPA2
  7. Watering Tips-WaterSense-US EPA3
  8. Watering Tipd-WaterSense-US EPA4

Contractor Information:

  1. New Contractor Information Form
  2. Contractor Licensing - TN Commerce & Insurance
  3. Sub-Contractor Permit
  4. TN Department of Commerce & Insurance Ready Removables Change
  5. Footing & Slab Inspection Checklist
  6. Framing Rough-In Inspection Checklist
  7. Final Inspection Checklist
  8. Plumbing Licensing Requirements
  9. Plumbing Underground & Above Ground Inspection Checklist
  10. Septic Systems & TCA 68-221-406

Public Records:

  1. Public Records Request Information
  2. Washington County Permit Records 2013-2018
  3. Form 1 – Public Record Request Form
  4. Online Zoning Atlas Information

Stormwater & Sedimentation Control:

  1. After the Storm Citizens Guide
  2. Protecting Water Quality from Agricultural Runoff
  3. Silt Fence Guide
  4. WaterWorks TN Construction Guide
  5. WaterWorks TN Farmers' Guide
  6. WaterWorks TN Homeowners' Guide

Educational Resources for Kids:

  1. Educational Coloring Pages
  2. EPA Nonpoint Source Pollution Awareness Word Search Puzzle Grades 6 - 9
  3. Thirstin's Activity Book Grades K-3
  4. WaterSense Activity Booklet


  1. Washington County Zoning October 2018 Newsletter
Building Permit Brochure 2018.pdf83.71 KB
Building Permit Addendum (Revised).pdf295.06 KB
Residential Zoning Compliance Application - updated.pdf126.85 KB
Building Permit Residential Only Application - Updated.pdf84.32 KB
Zoning Compliance Brochure 2018.pdf84.63 KB
Commercial Zoning Compliance Application - updated.pdf151.46 KB
Plat Approval Brochure 2018.pdf91.96 KB
Contacts & Map.pdf401.34 KB
Permit Addendum New.pdf60.19 KB
No Permit Required 3.pdf391.28 KB
Understanding Agricultural Land Structures.pdf143.49 KB
Yard Display New.pdf49.12 KB
Yard Stabilization Permanent Cover Seeding Mixtures.pdf11.45 KB
TN Association Professional Surbeyors.pdf328.5 KB
Tree Owners Rights Responsibilities.pdf334.64 KB
TN Division Forestry Fire Prevention Burn Permit Information.pdf1.57 MB
Landlord Tenant Act.pdf74.07 KB
Watering Tips Watersense US EPA1.pdf180 KB
Watering Tips Watersense US EPA2.pdf192 KB
Watering Tips Watersense US EPA3.pdf148 KB
Watering Tips Watersense US EPA4.pdf140 KB
New Contractor Information Form.pdf44.66 KB
Contractor Licensing - TN Commerce Insurance.pdf823.35 KB
Sub-Contractor Permit.pdf63.35 KB
TN Department Commerce Insurance Ready Removables Change.pdf114.5 KB
Footing Slab Inspection Checklist.pdf160.2 KB
Framing Rough-In Inspection Checklist.pdf183.53 KB
Final Inspection Checklist.pdf167.56 KB
Plumbing Licensing Requirements.pdf105.92 KB
Plumbing Underground & Above Ground Inspection Checklist.pdf89.36 KB
Septic Systems TCA 68-221-406.pdf300.72 KB
Public Records Requests Information.pdf28.91 KB
Washington County Permit Records 2013-2018.xlsx300.65 KB
Form 1 Public Record Request Form.pdf56.02 KB
Online Zoning Atlas Information.pdf8.45 KB
After The Storm Citizens Guide.pdf443.69 KB
Protecting Water Quality From Agricultural Runoff.pdf119.29 KB
Silt Fence Guide.pdf203.38 KB
Waterworks TN Construction Guide.pdf1.55 MB
Waterworks TN Farmers Guide.pdf1.19 MB
Waterworks TN Homeowners Guide.pdf5.4 MB
Educational Coloring Pages.pdf1.76 MB
EPA Nonpoint Source Pollution Awareness Word Search Puzzle Grades 6-9.pdf124.31 KB
Thirstins Activity Book Grades K-3.pdf814.3 KB
Watersense Activity Booklet.pdf1.61 MB
Washington County Zoning October 2018 Newsletter.pdf275.17 KB