Online Services and Forms

Please click below for downloadable and/or fillable and submittable versions of the forms used by the Washington County Zoning Office.

These forms include, listed in the order they appear below:

Board of Zoning Appeals Application
Building Permit Application
Customary Home Occupation Application
Driveway Cut Permit
Final building inspection form (for inspectors)
Footer inspection form (for inspectors)
Framing inspection form (for inspectors)
Rezoning Application
Subdivision Site Plan Application
Zoning Compliance Application

board_of_zoning_appeals_application.pdf159.17 KB
building_permit_application_new_homes.pdf74.95 KB
customary_home_occupation_application.pdf429.86 KB
driveway_cut_permit.pdf159.71 KB
final_inspection.pdf167.56 KB
footing_slab_inspection.pdf160.2 KB
framing_inspection.pdf183.53 KB
rezoning_application.pdf639.35 KB
subdivision_site_plan_application.pdf56.36 KB
zoning_compliance_application_accessory_structures.pdf74.94 KB