Online Services and Forms

Please click below for downloadable and/or fillable and submittable versions of the forms used by the Washington County Zoning Office.

These forms include, listed in the order they appear below:


  1. Building Permit (Residential Only) Application
  2. Building Permit Brochure 
  3. Residential Zoning Compliance Application
  4. Zoning Compliance Brochure 
  5. Commercial Zoning Compliance Application
  6. Plat Brochure 
  7. Contacts & Map
  8. Permit Addendum
  9. Yard Display
  10. Yard Stabilization Permanent Cover Seeding Mixtures

Property Owner Information:

  1. TN Association of Professional Surveyors
  2. Tree Owner’s Rights & Responsibilities
  3. TN Division of Forestry Fire Prevention Burn Permit Information
  4. Landlord & Tenant Act
  5. Watering Tips-WaterSense-US EPA1
  6. Watering Tips-WaterSense-US EPA2
  7. Watering Tips-WaterSense-US EPA3
  8. Watering Tipd-WaterSense-US EPA4

Contractor Information:

  1. New Contractor Information Form
  2. TN Department of Commerce & Insurance Ready Removables Change
  3. Footing & Slab Inspection Checklist
  4. Framing Rough-In Inspection Checklist
  5. Final Inspection Checklist
  6. Plumbing Underground & Above Ground Inspection Checklist

Public Records:

  1. Public Records Request Information
  2. Washington County Permit Records 2013-2018
  3. Form 1 – Public Record Request Form
  4. Online Zoning Atlas Information
building_permit_brochure.pdf79.65 KB
building_permit_residential_only_application.pdf63.44 KB
commercial_zoning_compliance_application.pdf63.72 KB
contacts_&_map.pdf401.34 KB
final_inspection_checklist.pdf167.56 KB
footing_slab_inspection_checklist.pdf160.2 KB
form_1_public_record_request_form.pdf56.02 KB
framing_rough-in_inspection_checklist.pdf183.53 KB
landlord_tenant_act.pdf74.07 KB
new_contractor_information_form.pdf44.66 KB
online_zoning_atlas_information.pdf8.45 KB
permit_addendum_new.pdf62.8 KB
plat_brochure.pdf224.43 KB
plumbing_underground_&_above_ground_inspection_checklist.pdf89.36 KB
public_records_requests_information.pdf13.8 KB
residential_zoning_compliance_application.pdf67.02 KB
tn_department_commerce_insurance_ready_removables_change.pdf114.5 KB
tn_association_professional_surveyors.pdf328.5 KB
tn_division_forestry_fire_prevention_burn_permit_information.pdf1.57 MB
tree_owners_rights_responsibilities.pdf334.64 KB
washington_county_permit_records_2013-2018.xlsx300.65 KB
watering_tips_watersense_us_epa1.pdf180 KB
watering_tips_watersense_us_epa2.pdf192 KB
watering_tips_watersense_us_epa3.pdf148 KB
watering_tips_watersense_us_epa4.pdf140 KB
yard_display.pdf16.7 KB
yard_stabilization_permanent_cover_seeding_mixtures.pdf11.45 KB
zoning_compliance_brochure.pdf108.74 KB