Online Services and Forms

Please click below for downloadable and/or fillable and submittable versions of the forms used by the Washington County Zoning Office.

These forms include, listed in the order they appear below:


  1. Building Permit (Residential Only) Application
  2. Building Permit Brochure 2017
  3. Residential Zoning Compliance Application
  4. Zoning Compliance Brochure 2017
  5. Commercial Zoning Compliance Application
  6. Plat Brochure 2017
  7. Plat Signatures & Utilities (Map Included)
  8. Yard Display
  9. Yard Stabilization Permanent Cover Seeding Mixtures

Property Owner Information:

  1. TN Association of Professional Surveyors
  2. Tree Owner’s Rights & Responsibilities
  3. TN Division of Forestry Fire Prevention Burn Permit Information
  4. Landlord & Tenant Act

Contractor Information:

  1. New Contractor Information Form
  2. TN Department of Commerce & Insurance Ready Removables Change
  3. Contractor Footing Slab Inspection Form
  4. Contractor Framing Inspection Form
  5. Contractor Final Inspection Form

Public Records:

  1. Public Records Request Information
  2. Washington County Permit Records 2013-2018
  3. Form 1 – Public Record Request Form
  4. Online Zoning Atlas Information
building_permit_residential_only_application.pdf60.4 KB
building_permit_brochure_2017.pdf202.14 KB
commercial_zoning_compliance_application.pdf60.54 KB
contractor_final_inspection_information.pdf167.56 KB
contractor_footing_slab_inspection_information.pdf160.2 KB
contractor_framing_inspection_information.pdf183.53 KB
form_1_public_record_request_form.pdf56.02 KB
landlord_tenant_act.pdf74.07 KB
new_contractor_information_form.pdf44.66 KB
online_zoning_atlas_information.pdf8.45 KB
plat_brochure_2017.pdf365.64 KB
plat_signatures_utilities_map_incl.pdf511.67 KB
public_records_requests_information.pdf13.8 KB
residential_zoning_compliance_application.pdf60.35 KB
tn_department_commerce_insurance_ready_removables_change.pdf114.5 KB
tn_association_professional_surveyors.pdf328.5 KB
tn_division_forestry_fire_prevention_burn_permit_information.pdf1.57 MB
tree_owners_rights_responsibilities.pdf334.64 KB
washington_county_permit_records_2013-2018.xlsx300.65 KB
yard_display.pdf16.7 KB
yard_stabilization_permanent_cover_seeding_mixtures.pdf11.45 KB
zoning_compliance_brochure_2017.pdf200.57 KB