Standing Committees

The County Commission has eight "standing committees". Those committees are:

Audit and Ethics:  This committee shall consist of members external to County management and may be members of the governing body, citizens from within the boundaries of the local government, or a combination of both.  This committee shall establish responsibilities and duties that shall address financial and other reporting practices, internal control, compliance with laws and regulations, and ethics including enforcement of rules and regulations established by the Comptroller of the State of Tennessee and the Government Finance Officers Association.

Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural (CIA): The CIA Committee deals with all matters concerning commercial, industrial and agricultural business development and expansion.  This committee shall focus on recruitment and retention of industry, job creation and workforce development in Washington County.  These resonsibilities will be performed in conjunction with the Washington County Economic Development Council.  Annually this committee shall review any active TIF agreements, and review and recommend for or against proposed TIF agreements and TIF expenditures.

Employee Compensation and Benefits:  This committee shall ensure that the compensation, vacation, sick leave, retirement, and other benefits available to county employees and officials are in place.  This committee shall periodically evaluate the cost and adequacy of benefits offered to county employees and make recommendations to the County Commission for changes that offer enhanced benefits to the employees or cost benefit to the county.  This committee shall also periodically perform, or have performed, employee compensation studies to determine the sufficiency and competitiveness of Washington County's overall salary and benefits structure with potential changes being recommended to the County Commission.

Health, Education and Welfare: This committee deals with all matters of general welfare and education to include Veteran Services in Washington County including, but not limited to meeting as needed with the Director of Schools and School Board members regarding educaiton facilities, funding and Federal and state educational mandates prior to a meeting of the full commission, animal control, pauper burials and cemeteries, annual special appropriations to non-profit agencies and organizations, and all matters pertaining to general welfare in the county.

Intergovernmental Affairs:  This committee shall consist of the Washington County Mayor, the Johnson City-City Manager, the Jonesborough Mayor, a representative from the Washington County Board of County Commissioners, a representative from the Johnson City Board of Commissioners, a representative of the Jonesborough Board of Mayor and Alderman, a representtaive of the Washington County Board of Education, a representtavie of the Johnson City Board of Education and the Chair of the Economic Development Council and shall discuss and recommend actions regarding matters of economic development, local governance, public safety, health, education and welfare of Johnson City, Jonesborough, Washington County and its residents.

Public Safety: This committee shall consider all matters concerning public safety in Washington County, especially with reference to the budget allocation to various departments that deal with public safety, including operation of the Sheriff's Department. It also deals with requirements of law enforcement and maintenance of the county jail,  with the county's long-range public safety needs, as well as coordinating with the District Attorney General and other law enforcement officials not directly under Washington County's control. 

Public Works: This committee shall have the duty to address all matters of public works and planning, solid waste operations and compliance,and water use in Washington County to include: monthly monitoring of operations, state regulation complinace regarding the handling, recycling and disposing of solid waste, recycling rates, and functioning as liaisons of regional solid waste; address all matters regarding highways, bridges, roads, sanitation and planning, water use and availability to county residents, and budget allocations. 

Purchasing Commission:  This Commission shall shall have (5) members (1) of whom shall be the County Mayor. The remaining (4) shall be appointed by the County Mayor and approved by the County Legislative Body.  The members need not be members of the County Legislatvie Body.  It is the duty of this Commission to assist the Purchasing Agent in the determination of overall purchasing policies and in the establishment and promulgation, in accordance with this part, of rules, regulations and procedures to be followed in the making of purchases and contracts for purchase for the County.  The actual administration of such activity shall be the sole responsibility of the Purchasing Agent.

Rules Committee: This committee periodically meets to review the Board's rules and processes to improve Board and committee meetings.  The committee shall deliberate upon the rules with priority given to bringing clarity to the Board's deliberations, providing for an efficient and effective meeting, and to increasing the public's knowledge of the Board's processes and the conduct of the public's business.  The Board or the Chair may refer matters to this committee for consideration and/or clarification of the rules and for suggested changes or revisions.