Frequently Asked Questions


Do you set the tax rate?

The Assessor of Property does not set the tax rate. That is done by the Washington County Commission and the Johnson City Commission. The rate is set by those elected bodies to pay for the programs and services their governments offer to citizens.

When this office reappraises property, an owners' tax bill could go up or down depending on the new value, but that is not the same as setting the tax rate.


Do you create and send out tax bills?

No. The County Trustee generates and sends out tax bills, and is also responsible for collecting taxes on property. The Assessors' office works closely with the Trustee's office, since our duties are linked.


When is the next reappraisal?

Washington County conducts regular reappraisals every five years, to make sure the assessed values of citizens' property remain in line with their market values. The next reappraisal is scheduled for 2024.