Financial information (audits, budgets, revenue reports)


Annual Independent Audits

Washington County's independent audit reports, prepared annually by a third party, offer a comprehensive look at the county's financial affairs. They also include any findings that relate to areas where county officials need to consider changing their approach to meet the highest possible standards concerning budgeting and handling of funds.

Click below for past fiscal year audit reports:

fy17-18_budget2.08 MB
fy17-18_amended_tax_levy.pdf418.42 KB
fy17-18_tax_levy385.6 KB
amending_the_asset_accounting_policy.pdf684.42 KB
capital_projects_fund_policy.pdf305.75 KB
debt_management_policy.pdf2.92 MB
fund_balance_policy.pdf338.03 KB
investment_policy.pdf616.28 KB
revenue_recognition_policy.pdf593.15 KB
fiscal_audit_2017.pdf7.22 MB
fiscal_audit_2016.pdf2.43 MB
fiscal_audit_2015.pdf8.91 MB
fiscal_audit_2014.pdf7.32 MB
fiscal_audit_2013.pdf6.32 MB
fiscal_audit_2012.pdf15.75 MB
fiscal_audit_2011.pdf3.11 MB
fiscal_audit_2010.pdf10.77 MB
fiscal_audit_2009.pdf5.49 MB
fiscal_audit_2008.pdf6.23 MB
fiscal_audit_2007.pdf4.78 MB
fiscal_audit_2006.pdf5.67 MB