Special and Temporary Committees

The Washington County Commission has a number of special committees that deal with specific matters of business. Some of these are temporary committees that will disband when their work is finished. Others stay active, but some include both County Commissioners and non-commissioners.

Current special and temporary committees include:

Board of Zoning Appeals: This committee is called upon to make land use decisions when requests are made for special exceptions to zoning regulations, and also to settle boundary line disputes, interpret zoning maps and consider similar questions.

Beer Board: All businesses engaged in the sale, distribution, manufacture and storage of beer must obtain a permit from the city or county in which the business is located. This board oversees application and approval process for off-premise beer licenses in Washington County, for businesses not located inside corporate limits of Johnson City or Jonesborough. It also may revoke or suspend permits or levy monetary penalties for violations of beer laws. Meets only as needed.

Public Records Commission: Sets policies regarding retention and care of county public records. Oversees Washington County Records Management and Archives Department. Includes commissioners and representatives from various constituencies with interest in public records and archives.