General Services

General Services

General services provided by the Washington County Health Department run the gamut from primary and dental care to environmental health, immunization, vital records retrieval and more. Read below for more details.

Vital Records
Persons born in Tennessee after 1949 may obtain a certified copy of birth, Monday through Friday, from 8am to 4pm. Others born before 1949 may obtain an application form and forward to Division of Vital Records in Nashville. Certified copies of death certificates can also be obtained through our office. A small fee is charged for copies of birth and death certificates. Also paternity acknowledgement for the birth certificate can be obtained.

Dental Health Services
The Dental Program has two defined program areas aimed at children (age 3 to 21 years): the prevention component and the clinical service component. The preventative program provides school-based dental screening, oral health education, fluoride applications, and protective dental sealants. The clinical component is provided in conjunction with support from local school systems which provide transportation and supervision of children during school hours. Children are bused to health department to receive services. Adult services are limited to emergency relief of pain and infection. Adults can be referred to the Keystone Dental Clinic if additional services are necessary.

Environmental Health
The FOOD and SANITATION staff issues permits and inspects restaurants, hotels, camps, daycares, schools, public swimming pools, tattoo parlors and body piercing parlors. All of the above mentioned establishments must obtain and maintain a permit by meeting the standards set forth by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. Inspections are unannounced, with special consultations or training sessions available upon request or made mandatory. Fees are dependent upon the type of service rendered.

Primary Care
Provide medical consultation and care to uninsured and uninsurable at a $5.00 minimum fee. Education, medical exams, lab test, and some medicines and supplies for people who meet eligibility requirements are provided. These services are designated primarily for individuals who are 19-64 years of age.

Health Promotion
Health Promotion employs health educators in each local health department to provide a variety of health education services to clients, general public, professionals, staff and the community. Educational programs and in-service training are provided for students and/or community-based organizations to inform the public and promote healthy lifestyles in order to reduce premature deaths, disabilities, and diseases.

Tennessee state law requires all children who are without medical or religious exemption be immunized against measles, mumps, rubella, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus, and hepatitis B before entering school. Chicken pox vaccine is available for certain age groups. Delaying these important immunizations may cause denied entry into school and poses unnecessary risk of serious illness to the child. Adult immunizations recommended are tetanus, pneumonia, and flu vaccine.

International Certificate of Vaccine
Individuals who are planning to travel to another country should inquire about immunizations and procedures in obtaining ICV (which is an official statement that a person is adequately protected against disease which would be a threat to the United States). This certificate is second in importance only to the passport in permitting uninterrupted international travel. After requirements on the certificate have been completed, the health department will stamp the certificate for validity and completion. Some vaccinations for International Travel are available at the Health Department. An appointment is required to receive these vaccinations.

Nutrition Education 
The Nutrition Education and Resource Center provides QUICK WIC and FIT WIC service to any WIC participants who do not need recertification or immunization. Cooking demonstrations, group nutrition education, and one-to-one nutrition education classes are available. Clients with HIV infection can receive counseling and nutrition supplements though the Ryan White Program.