Stormwater Forms

QLP (Qualified Local Program) Forms
These forms are for use when apply for Construction General Permit in Washington County, Tennessee under the Qualified Local Program.

  • Twice Weekly Inspection Form 
  • Notice of Intent in QLP for Construction General Permit 
  • Notice of Termination in QLP for Construction General Permit 

 General Forms
These are general forms used in Washington County, Tennessee for its Stormwater Management Program.

  • Stormwater Board of Appeals Application  
  • Washington County, Tennessee Home Owners Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan(SWPPP) Form 
  • Construction General Permit Twice Weekly Inspection Form(For state and QLP)  
cn1173_twice_weekly_inspection_form.doc88.5 KB
cn1173_twice_weekly_inspection_form.pdf182.12 KB
notice_of_intent_in_qlp_for_construction_general_permit.doc182.5 KB
notice_of_intent_in_qlp_for_construction_general_permit.pdf319.03 KB
notice_of_termination_in_qlp_for_construction_general_permit.doc164.89 KB
notice_of_termination_in_qlp_for_construction_general_permit.pdf172.52 KB
swboa_application_v1.1.pdf232.92 KB
wc_qlp_single_lot_swppp_7-28-2020.pdf531.58 KB