The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) department's principal function is to provide inter office mapping and spatial design work while assisting the general public with land use, Stormwater management and real estate questions. Additionally the GIS department provides assistance to other offices and committees with special dedication provided for working on special projects.

Principally these are the major uses for GIS in the office:

  • Maintain the County’s Zoning Map and Land Use Data
  • Mapping of Stormwater Management devices
  • Create maps and statistical data
  • Provide public data in an easily used format for public consumption
  • Creating, managing, updating and enhancing database layers of geographically located features and corresponding feature information.

What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?

GIS lets us provide a visual representation of statistical data, relevant land use data, managing database’s of needed points and then provide an ability to analyze and make informed decisions based off statistically proven information.

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