Government Summary

A commitment to transparency

Local government plays a significant role in the lives of most citizens. Taxpayers deserve access to information about how their local government is choosing to use resources that come from their tax dollars.

The Washington County Mayor's Office believes taxpayers and citizens deserve open and transparent government. This space offers all the information that County Commissioners use to prepare for each month's meeting. The "agenda packets" are completed and distributed to commissioners 10 days before each month's full Commission meeting. 

Minutes from each monthly Washington County Board of Commissioners meeting are not official until approved at the following month's meeting, at which time they are posted to this website.

Citizens can also visit the "Open Government" section of the website for information on county finances, from revenue statistics and budget data to copies of Washington County's annual independent audit.

This section also contains information on rules of procedure followed by the County Commission, and other important facts about the county government that engaged and citizens should find informative.