Children's Services

The Washington County Health Department takes great concern with the current and future health of area children. It offers a wide variety of screening, intervention and health care services designed to help children live healthy, productive lives. Read below for more details.

Child Health & Development (CHAD)

The program provides enrichment to children birth to six years of age in areas of social, educational, and health needs. CHAD helps prevent or reduce abuse, neglect and developmental delays by providing parent support and education services. Clients may apply directly or be referred by doctors, neighbors, or other social agencies.

Children's Special Services (CSS)

Limited care can be provided for children with orthopedic, heart, epilepsy, renal and other chronic illnesses until age 21. Families may apply upon referral from their private physician or direct contact with the health department. CSS provides medical services and reimbursements for medical care, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and therapies and transportation.

TENNder Care

TENNder Care is Tennessee's program for assuring early medical screenings for children, in accordance with the federal Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT) service. The purpose of EPSDT is to assure the availability and accessibility of required health care resources and to help TennCare eligible children (under the age of 21 ) and their parents or guardians effectively use these resources. Every child (under 21) who is eligible for TennCare is eligible for (EPSDT) services. A child can be eligible for TennCare through Medicaid or through the Uninsured or Uninsurable guidelines. Children and adolescents should receive regular screenings even if there is no apparent health problem. 

Screenings include: 

  • Dentist Referral
  • Eye Test
  • Growth and Development Exam
  • Hearing Test
  • Necessary Blood and Lab Tests
  • Nutrition Check
  • Physical Exam

Federal law requires all children under 21 years of age who receive Medicaid or TennCare benefits to have access to an EPSDT Exam/Screening.

Help Us Grow Successfully (HUGS)

Help Us Grow Successfully (HUGS) program staff assist pregnant women, postpartum women for up to two years, and infants and children up to age six in gaining access to medical, social, and educational services. The HUGS program locates, monitors, and coordinates the needed services for those clients in the program. The main purpose of the program is to ensure excellent prenatal, postpartum, and infant care through case management, counseling and education. Please contact health department for more information.

Phenyletonuria (PKU) & Thyroid Test

State law requires all babies born in Tennessee be tested for PKU, a disease that prevents a child's brain from developing. Children must also receive a thyroid test that detects malfunctioning of the thyroid gland which can cause mental retardation. The Health Department administers the required test if the infant was delivered at home or if the test was not administered before leaving the hospital. All infants should be tested within a 24 hour period after beginning formula or breast milk. The Health Department is responsible for follow-up of all positive tests.

Sickle Cell Screening

The Health Department has Sickle Cell testing supplies which are provided by the Meharry Sickle Cell Disease Center. This testing is used during Well-Child and EPSD&T Clinics to determine if the child/newborn has either Sickle Cell Anemia or the Sickle Cell trait. Sickle Cell Anemia is more prevalent in persons of African or Mediterranean descent, including those of mixed ancestry or newborns who have had a blood transfusion from one of these races.