Public Auctions

From time to time, Washington County has surplus auctions to sell equipment and supplies no longer needed by the county. The public auction is advertised in the Johnson City Press at least five days prior to the auction date, and we will also post the auction dates and times on this site. There are also continuing opportunities to bid on surplus equipment and supplies for the Highway and Sheriff's departments.

Interested parties can also visit the Highway Department section of this website to see a listing, and bid online at GovDeals on surplus equipment currently for sale by the Washington County Highway and Sheriff's departments. 


The following list of properties will be offered for sale by on-line Public Auction at beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 8th, 2023.

  1. Bristol Hwy: Map 038A/Group A/Parcel 020.02
  2. Cedar Point PL: Map 021L/Group C/Parcel 011.00 
  3. Circleview Dr.: Map 011K/Group A/Parcel 011.00
  4. Clover Circle: Map 045M/Group C/Parcel 018.00
  5. Clover Circle: Map 045M/Group C/Parcel 018.02
  6. 2501 Clover St.:  Map 053D/Group C/Parcel 017.00 
  7. Eighth Ave. E: Map 046D/Group C/Parcel 021.01
  8. 1356 Gibson St.:  Map 038/Parcel 030.01                                                          
  9. Highland Road/Taylor Ridge Court:  Map 055A/Group A/Parcel 001.05
  10. Huffine Road N/OFF: Map 061F/Group A/Parcel 013.06
  11. Lakeview Dr. E.:  Map 039H/Group E/Parcel 035.00
  12. Leonard Dr.: Map 067N/Group A/Parcel 005.00
  13. Littleton Road N/OFF: Map 26/Parcel 061.11
  14. Louise ST.: Map 039A/Group A/Parcel 008.00
  15. Marable LN: Map 029D/Group A/Parcel 044.00
  16. 604 Mercury St.:  Map 039P/Group D/Parcel 023.00
  17. 606 Mercury St.:  Map 039P/Group D/Parcel 022.00
  18. Old State Route 34: Map 81/Parcel 043.00
  19. Old State Route 34: Map 79/Parcel 014.01
  20. Orchard St.:  Map 013H/Group A/Parcel 015.02
  21. Red Row Road: Map 039P/Group H/Parcel 013.00
  22. 1711 Ridgeland Rd.:  Map 045M/Group E/Parcel 038.00
  23. 904/906 N. Roan Street:  Map 046K/Group H/Parcel 024.00
  24. 1702 Sherri Hill Rd.:  Map 038/Parcel 031.01            
  25. Taylor Ridge Court:  Map 055A/Group A/Parcel 001.18
  26. Woodlyn Road: Map 039P/Group H/Parcel 017.00               

Complete Terms & Conditions available on

Payment methods accepted:  ACH Debit or wire transfer payments upon approved registration.

**NOTE:  Announcements made prior to Day of Sale take precedence over all written ads.

Please go to to view the properties and register to become a bidder or call GovEase at 769-208-5050 with any questions.