County Commission

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The Washington County Mayor's Office believes taxpayers and citizens deserve open and transparent government. Agenda packets are completed and distributed to commissioners before each month's full Commission meeting. Agenda packets from the previous month's meeting will stay in the "Archived agenda packets" section.

Minutes are completed soon after each meeting of the Washington County Board of Commissioners, but are not official until approved at the following month's meeting. As a result, the most recent minutes posted will run one month behind other documents.

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The County Commission sets its meeting dates and place, but must meet at least four times a year.

Richard Tucker
1st Commission District

Tucker web

Richard Tucker Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Budget Committee, County Owned Property, Public Works-Secretary, Water Task Force

Tucker web

Marty Johnson
2nd Commission District

Johnson web

Marty Johnson Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Ag Extension, Beer Board, Committee on Committees, Public Safety, Public Works, Purchasing-Vice Chair, WCEDC, Water Task Force

Jerome Fitzgerald
3rd Commission District

Fitzgerald web

Jerome Fitzgerald Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Ethics-Secretary, Public Safety, Public Works-Vice Chair, Water Task Force

Josh Edens
4th Commission District

Edens New web

Josh Edens Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Public Safety-Vice Chair, Public Works, Purchasing-Secretary, WCEDC, Water Task Force

Bryan Davenport
5th Commission District

Davenport web

Bryan Davenport Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Committee on Committees, Communications Task Force, EMS, Employee Compensation & Benefits, Public Works-Chair, Water Task Force-Chair

Greg Matherly
6th Commission District

Matherly web

Greg Matherly Contact & Biography

Commission Chairman

Serving on Committees:

EMS, Ethics, Employee Compensation & Benefits-Chair, Rules

Larry England
7th Commission District

England web

Larry England Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Beer Board-Vice Chair, Board of Zoning Appeals, Budget-Vice Chair, Commerce Industry & Agriculture-Chair, Committee on Committees, County Owned Property-Vice Chair, Regional Planning Commission

Freddie Malone
8th Commission District

Malone web

Freddie Malone Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Audit, Beer Board-Chair, Commerce Industry & Agriculture, County Owned Property-Secretary, Investment, JCDA, Purchasing, Regional Planning, Rules-Chair

Suzy Williams
9th Commission District

Williams web

Suzy Williams Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Communications Task Force, Employee Compensation & Benefits, Ethics, Health Education & Welfare, JC Library Board

David Tomita
10th Commission District

Tomita web

David Tomita Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Beer Board, Commerce Industry & Agriculture, Committee on Committees, Investment-Secretary, Rules

Jodi Jones
11th Commission District

Jones web

Jodi Jones Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Beer Board-Secretary, Board of Health, Communications Task Force, County Owned Property-Chair, Health Education & Welfare-Chair, JCDA, JCDA TIF Advisory Board

Lewis Wexler
12th Commission District

Wexler web

Lewis Wexler Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Commerce Industry & Agriculture-Secretary, Employee Compensation & Benefits-Secretary, Health Education & Welfare-Vice Chair, Public Records, Tri-Cities Airport Authority

Kenneth Huffine
13th Commission District

Huffine web

Kenneth Huffine Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Agriculture Extension, Animal Control Board, BrightRidge Board, Commerce Industry & Agriculture-Vice Chair, Communications Task Force-Chair, Employee Compensation & Benefits-Vice Chair, Health Education & Welfare, Purchasing-Chair, Regional Planning, Tri-Cities Airport Authority

Jim Wheeler
14th Commission District

Wheeler web

Jim Wheeler Contact & Biography

Commission Vice-Chairman

Serving on Committees:

Budget, Communications Task Force, Public Safety-Chair, Rules-Vice Chair

Ben Carder
15th Commission District

Carder web

Ben Carder Contact & Biography

Serving on Committees:

Ag Extension, Budget, Committee on Committees, Health Education & Welfare, Public Safety-Secretary, Rules-Secretary, Water Task Force


Once called the County Court, the modern County Commission actually functions as the legislative body of county government, working primarily through the committee system. There are seven standing committees and numerous other committees boards and commissions whose vote functions as a recommendation to the full County Commission. There are 15 commission districts in Washington County with one commissioner representing each district. 

County commissioners are elected in the August general election for a four-year term, which begins September 1. County commissioners must reside within and be a qualified voter of the district represented. County employees otherwise qualified to serve may hold office as a legislative body member.

However, no person elected or appointed as county executive, sheriff, trustee, register, county clerk, assessor of property, or any other countywide office filled by popular vote or by the legislative body may be nominated for or elected to the legislative body. If a commission member accepts nomination for any of the above offices, or for the General Assembly when the office is being filled by the legislative body, that member becomes disqualified to continue in office and a vacancy in the commission will automatically exist. Vacancies are filled by the remaining commission members until a successor is elected in the next general election.