The trustee acts as the general banker for the county, serving three primary functions:

  • Collecting property taxes
  • Receiving and disbursing county funds
  • Managing the county's cash flow

Property Taxes

Property taxes are one of the county's most important revenue sources. The trustee sends out property tax statements in October and collects and issues receipts prior to the February deadline. He authorizes a uniform chart of county accounts administered by the county audit division, deposits funds daily and makes disbursements.

Monthly & Annual Financial Statements

The trustee issues monthly and annual financial statements. He is also charged with investing idle funds and working with the County Budget Committee to ensure investments are made according to state law and produce maximum earnings with the highest degree of safety.

Where Can I Pay My Property Taxes

  • Jonesborough Office
    111 E Main Street (Downtown Courthouse)
  • Johnson City Office - Closing April 28, 2023 and reopening October 2, 2023 for tax season
    378 Marketplace Boulevard 

Trustee Storey Drop BoxTrustee Adds Secure Drop Box for Property Tax Payments

Taxpayers are encouraged to use the drop off box on Courthouse Square at the back corner near the parking lot. If you turn off Main Street beside the Historic Courthouse and proceed to the parking lot, you will see the silver box on the corner. Remember, your county property taxes are due by February 28, 2023.