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Board and Commission Service Application

  1. Current Washington County Boards & Committees:
    911, Airport Authority, Animal Control, Audit Committee, Board of Health, Board of Zoning Appeals, East Tennessee Railroad Authority, EMS, Equalization, Health Council, Holston River Regional Library, Industrial Development Board of Washington County, Investment, Johnson City Development Authority, Johnson City Development Authority --TIF, Johnson City Energy Authority (“BrightRidge”), Library, Planning, Public Records, Purchasing, and Solid Waste.
  2. Please Note: Applicant must be a Washington County, Tennessee resident to be eligible for service. Completion of this application does not guarantee appointment. Applications are kept on file during the calendar year of receipt, and are purged after June 30thof each year. If not appointed, you must submit a new application in each subsequent year.
  3. Washington County welcomes your interest in learning more about how you can bring your experience and skills to service to this community. Please feel free to email or phone the County Mayor and/or your County Commissioner. Contact information is available on the Washington County website.
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