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Building Permit Residential Application

  1. All inspections must be scheduled by 3 pm the day prior call 423-753-1753.
  2. The Tennessee Public Records Act (TPRA) grants Tennessee citizens the right to access open public records that exist at the time of the request. The TPRA does not require records custodians to complete information or create or recreate records that do not exist.
  3. Not the property owner?
    (Please check the appropriate box)
  4. Receive inspection results via email!
  5. Is the Property Owner acting as the General Contractor?
  6. Receive inspection results via email!
  7. Please check the appropriate boxes:
  8. Work Description
  9. Garage/Carport
  10. Construction Type
  11. Occupancy
  12. Stories
  13. Foundation
  14. Vacant?
  15. Warning to Property Owner
  16. Failure to Identify Property & Meet Setback
    Failure to meet setback requirements may result in removal or relocation of construction. You are also subject to stop work. order and tines for noncompliance. I certify that the attached diagram, plot plan, or aerial of the property identifies improvements, setback distances, and public road access:
  17. Failure to Obtain Necessary Permits
    Failure to receive a building permit prior to commencement of construction may result in your paying double for your permit. You are also subject to tines not to exceed $500 per day for your failure to obtain a building permit. I certify that construction:
  18. Electrical, Septic & Driveway Permits
    Electrical Applications for Services and Permits: Bright Ridge Phone: 423-952-5000, Septic Verification, Permits and Layonts: Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Phone: 423-854-5400, Driveway Permits: Washington County Highway Department Phone: 423-753-1714
  19. Are you constructing a new driveway or entrance?
  20. Sewer/Septic
  21. Water
  22. Flood Plain
  23. Real Estate Assessment Data (Assessor's Office)
  24. This permit shall become invalid unless work is started within 180 days. If work is suspended or if no inspection is requested for a period of 180 days this permit will expire.
  25. Approved By:
  26. Washington County Planning Commission?
  27. Re-Zoning
  28. Site Plan
  29. Washington County Board of Appeals?
  30. Residential Building Permit Fees
  31. I certify that I have read and examined this application and know that same to be true and correct. The granting of a permit does not presume to give authority to violate or cancel the provisions of any local, state or federal laws regulations construction of the performance of construction. I certify that all work will be done in compliance with all applicable codes, statues and ordinances, and with the conditions of this permit. I understand that the issuance of the permit creates no legal liability, express or implied, on the state or county. I expressly grant the building official, or the building official's authorized agent, permission to enter the premises for which this permit is sought at all reasonable hours and for any proper purpose to inspect the work which is being done. Also, I have received and read a Zoning Compliance Permit instructions sheet.
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