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Building Permit Addendum

  1. As the permit holder, it is your responsibility to additionally comply with the following requirements:
  2. Inspections
    Inspections do not warrant workmanship. Any inspection performed by any employee, agent, or contractor of Washington county, Tennessee are performed solely for the purposes of enforcement of the applicable building codes which may utilize a spot check performance standard and do not provide comprehensive home inspection services, which are the responsibility of the owner. See the attached handout for a description of these inspections. For site inspections call before 3 pm. For next day service call 423 753-1753.
  3. I agree to contact the Code Enforcement Division for the following inspections: A. Grading Inspection, B. Setback Inspection (Footings), C. Foundation/Footing, D. Slab Inspection, E. Plumbing Slab, F. Plumbing, G. Mechanical, H. Framing, J. Insulation, K. Final Inspection (Ready to Occupy – C.O.O.)
  4. I agree, one re-inspection is included at no charge for the inspections listed, any additional inspections may be charged a $40 re-inspection fee. The re-inspection fee must be paid before scheduling your next inspection.
  5. I agree to identify and maintain markers on all property lines/corners relevant to the proposed structure for the term of construction in addition to stringing the property line or providing an as-built survey on demand if requested by the County Zoning Staff.
  6. I agree to obtain the required Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.O.) or Zoning Compliance Certificate prior to occupying or selling the structure.
  7. I agree, Pursuant to the 2012 IRC Building Code, Section R111.1 Connection of Service Utilities and Tennessee Laws (TCA 13-7-110; 5-20-102; 5-20-103; 5-20-106) – That no person(s) shall make connections from a utility, source of energy, fuel or power to any building or system that is regulated by this code for which a permit is required, until approved by the building official.
  8. I agree to comply with all regulations of the Washington County Zoning Resolution. 
  9. I certify that all information provided to obtain this Building Permit is true and accurate and agree to notify the Code Enforcement Staff in advance of any changes that may occur on this project, I understand that any change to the project requires the approval of the Code Enforcement Staff and must be documented on the original Building Permit and Site Plan.
  10. Excavation
  11. Drainage
  12. Does this parcel contain the following?
  13. Sedimentation Control
  14. All erosion/sedimentation control measures will be installed before land disturbance activities begin and will be properly maintained throughout the grading/land disturbing activities. I further agree to add any additional erosion/sedimentation control measures as required by Washington County Tennessee.
  15. I agree to provide sediment control devices and maintain as necessary to keep all sedimentation from leaving the site and or entering a stream or other storm water conveyance.
  16. I agree to stabilize the site in accordance with all Washington County Tennessee and State of Tennessee requirements or regulations pertaining to this project that may be detailed by the N.O.C. (Notice of Coverage) issued by T.D.E.C.
  17. I agree to modify or make changes to improve Sedimentation Control on the site as required by the Zoning Staff.
  18. Manufactured Housing
  19. I agree to complete the installation of all exterior stairways and/or ramps which provide egress to the public way and shall comply with the applicable provisions of the currently adopted building code. All porches, decks and stairways will be completed before Certificate of Occupancy will be issued.
  20. I agree to display the address numbers placed in a position that is plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property.
  21. I agree to install underpinning to the structure in accordance with the Washington County Zoning Resolution prior to occupancy.
  22. 410. Manufactured Home Skirting
    All manufactured homes shall be skirted using masonry or some other decay-resistant material specifically manufactured for such use. The skirting shall be installed around the entire perimeter of the structure and have adequate ventilation as required by the manufacturer or if there are no specifications available, no less than one square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of crawlspace area.
  23. I agree to have yard stabilized in accordance with the Washington County Zoning Resolution prior to occupancy.
  24. Yard Stabilization
    Final inspection on paving, driveway entrances, seeding, landscaping and positive drainage (away from building) will also be conducted at the time the building final is made. The owner will be held liable and responsible for all stabilization practices including reseeding of the yard until a 70% growth coverage rate has been achieved.
  25. Liability
    The granting or approval of any Permit shall not constitute a representation, guarantee, or warranty of any kind or nature by Washington County, Tennessee, or the Washington County Planning Commission, or by any other officer or employee of either thereof, of the practicality or safety of any structure or the use proposed and shall create no liability upon or cause against such public body, officer, or employee for and damage that may result pursuant thereto.
  26. Electronic Signature Agreement
    By signing this document, you acknowledge that you have read and understood all the requirements and conditions of this addendum.
  27. Revised August 15, 2019
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